Building a workplace culture that values inclusion and welcomes diversity rarely, if ever, happens by accident

Like almost all achievements in the sphere of commerce and/or organisations, proactively identifying and prioritising goals, along with the requisite resources and commitment to achieve them, are key requirements for sustainable change.

How we work to help you work better

Our approach is built upon solid but uncomplicated foundations. Clients, through consultation, tailor an offering with a view to progressing from the status quo to a way of working that avails them of the full range of Inclusion & Diversity benefits.

We offer a range of specialised Inclusion & Diversity assessment tools to support with measuring the gap between your organisations current reality and ideal workplace culture. This includes:

The corresponding reports support with prioritising initiatives which are responsive to employees actual rather than perceived needs and preferences. This ensures the time and resources invested in driving inclusion and diversity initiatives delivers maximum results for teams and the broader organisation.

We have the tools and experience to support with defining and/or refining a comprehensive and meaningful Inclusion & Diversity Strategy.

This is informed by our ‘Mapping the path’ self- assessment, which outlines four defined stages of an organisations journey, Building, Committing, Acting and Leading, to support with framing a strategy which builds upon your strengths, resources and readiness for change.

Our approach ensures a concurrent focus on ‘what’ to progress and best practice for ‘how’ this is to be achieved to increase the likelihood of an engaged response and sustainable outcome.

Coaching provides the opportunity for leaders to consolidate their strengths, clarify personal drivers and to prioritises areas for professional development.

The use of targeted questioning supports with generating clarity and focus regarding opportunities for change. This is underpinned by client generated goals and actions with a strong focus on building confidence in capability to achieve outcomes that benefit the individual and broader workplace.

Our workshops and e-learning programs provide an environment to get curious by reflecting upon our current thinking and experiences, challenging assumptions and exploring best-practice / current research to develop impactful insights.

We encourage the application of insights, new skills and knowledge back in the workplace through practical exercises (during and following the workshops), including exploring approaches for building individual and team accountability to support with driving a positive change in attitudes and behaviours.

Realising the benefits associated with Inclusion & Diversity requires us to potentially make changes in the way we think, feel and act.

To support with facilitating this process, a change management approach is at the core of all inclusion and diversity initiatives. This includes anticipating and accommodating for how different stakeholders may respond to change and identifying a comprehensive approach to engagement to influence the level of support provided for Inclusion & Diversity initiatives.