One size does not fit all, it never has.

Embedding a culture of inclusion requires a culture of curiosity

Let’s assume that when it comes to inclusion, understanding all the possibilities can lead to embracing all the benefits.

Three steps towards realising this potential include:

  1. Understanding ourselves including how we can proactively identify, explore and creatively question our own assumptions, behaviours and beliefs. This knowledge provides an invaluable resource of what to be mindful of as we work to mitigate bias and foster inclusion within our greatest realm of influence – ourselves.
  2. Understanding how we relate to others including how we habitually and unconsciously attempt to connect and interact within and beyond our ‘inner circle’ of friends, colleagues, acquaintances and newcomers.
  3. Implementing a change in culture to bring within the realm of teams, business units and the wider organisation the sustained benefits of inclusion fuelled by diversity and the richness it provides.

Setting a course for inclusion

Curious, Connected & Collaborative Teams

A team experience which explores the characteristics and behaviours for building an environment which leverages the collective backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of individuals to enhance engagement and heighten team success. This encompasses considering inclusion from three different and equally important perspectives:

  • Fostering an inclusion mindset by exploring approaches for building a fair and equitable environment and ensuring an objective approach to decision making;
  • Building connections with others through considering how we respond to difference and nuances which enhance genuine rapport; and
  • Embedding inclusion outcomes by advocating that collaboration and accountability are ingrained as a core way in how individuals and teams work.

Our approach combines interactive workshops, focused weekly exercises and heightened team accountability to move conversations beyond the subjective and facilitate a positive shift in workplace culture.

Embedding Inclusion Strategic Review

Our comprehensive approach to undertaking a strategic review of your organisation supports with assessing, prioritising and progressing sustainable inclusion and diversity outcomes by:

  • Providing a holistic overview of best-practice to support with internal positioning and planning;
  • Engaging with stakeholders to establish the gap between your organisations current reality and stated ideal workplace culture;
  • Clarifying and communicating your Business case and Strategy, to ensure they clearly address the questions pertaining to ‘Why’ and ‘What’ in relation to pursuing an inclusion & diversity agenda, and
  • Undertaking a collaborative approach to designing and implementing initiatives to increase awareness of the attitudes and behaviours recognised for building a more inclusive environment.

Inclusive Culture Survey

Informed by current research and best-practice, the Inclusive Culture Survey enables an analysis of the gap between your organisations current reality and employees stated ideal culture. This entails considering nine inclusive behaviours and characteristics from three different and equally important perspectives:

  • Fostering an inclusion mindset
  • Building connections with others
  • Embedding inclusion outcomes

The comprehensive report supports with prioritising initiatives which are responsive to employees actual rather than perceived needs and preferences. This ensures the time and resources invested in driving inclusion and diversity initiatives delivers maximum results for teams and the broader organisation.