One size does not fit all, it never has.

Embedding a culture of inclusion requires a culture of curiosity

Let’s assume that when it comes to inclusion, understanding all the possibilities can lead to embracing all the benefits.

Three steps towards realising this potential include:

  1. Understanding ourselves including how we can proactively identify, explore and creatively question our own assumptions, behaviours and beliefs. This knowledge provides an invaluable resource of what to be mindful of as we work to mitigate bias and foster inclusion within our greatest realm of influence – ourselves.
  2. Understanding how we relate to others including how we habitually and unconsciously attempt to connect and interact within and beyond our ‘inner circle’ of friends, colleagues, acquaintances and newcomers.
  3. Implementing a change in culture to bring within the realm of teams, business units and the wider organisation the sustained benefits of inclusion fuelled by diversity and the richness it provides.

Setting a course for inclusion

Inclusion in Action Workshops

Explores characteristics and behaviours which are recognised for valuing uniqueness and building a sense of belonging in the workplace. Our approach combines interactive workshops, focused weekly exercises in between sessions and heightened team accountability to move beyond the conversation and facilitate a change in workpalce culture. This encompasses:

  • Maintaining an inclusion mindset ensuring that from both a cultural and productivity stance, individuals and teams keep inclusion front of mind
  • Building connections with others through exploring how we respond to difference and nuances which enhance genuine rapport
  • Facilitating inclusion outcomes ensuring that collaboration, responsibility, adaptability and accountability are ingrained as a core way in how individuals and teams work.

The option to incorporate the Workplace Inclusion 360 Assessment enables content to be tailored to the group, by building upon recognised strengths and addressing specific areas for improvement.

Embedding Inclusion Program

Tailored to the needs of each organisation to outline the best path forward for realising the benefits of a Diverse & Inclusive workplace. Here’s how:

  • Assessment tools are used to gauge your organisations strengths and opportunities for growth – vital for crafting a program that delivers sustainable change through addressing actual rather than perceived needs.
  • Ensuring your D&I Business case and Vision clearly address the questions pertaining to ‘Why’ and ‘What’ in relation to pursuing a diversity and inclusion agenda in your specific context.
  • Designing and implementing D&I initiatives which are strategically aligned and support with working toward an integrated business as usual scenario.

Workplace Inclusion 360 Assessment

Provides an impactful and cost-effective approach to identifying strengths and opportunities to increase specific behaviours that are proven to underpin an inclusive workplace culture.

The corresponding report provides a comprehensive point of reference to move conversations and feedback beyond the subjective by clearly outlining strengths and prioritising areas for growth. This ensures the time and energy invested in personal and professional development delivers maximum results, for the individual and the broader workplace culture.