A leaders role in demonstrating and building inclusion is critical for leveraging the benefits of sustainable diversity.

The challenge remains that the approach required for an individual to feel included can differ substantially between people in the same environment. Empowering leaders with practical skills and knowledge to navigate this conundrum supports organisations with addressing challenges and working collectively to build upon the potential of individuals.

The Inclusive Leadership program provides an opportunity for reflection and a renewed focus, not just on what inclusive leadership entails, but more importantly to what extent these characteristics and behaviours are being kept font of mind and readily demonstrated in the workplace, especially when under stress and/or in challenging circumstances.

The interactive and pragmatic approach incorporates workshops and exercises in between sessions to bridge the gap between theory and the application of insights and learning back in the workplace. The option to incorporate the Inclusive Leadership 360 Assessment enables content to be tailored to the group, by building upon recognised strengths and addressing specific areas for improvement.

Inclusive Leadership 360 Assessment

The Inclusive Leadership 360 Assessment provides an impactful and cost-effective approach to identifying strengths and opportunities to increase specific behaviours that underpin inclusive leadership.

The corresponding report provides a comprehensive point of reference to move conversations and feedback beyond the subjective by clearly outlining strengths and prioritising areas for growth. This ensures the time and energy invested in personal and professional development delivers maximum results, for the leader, leadership team and the broader workplace culture.